Transform ideas to high performing investment opportunities


Early to mid-stage tech enabled startups

Time Horizon

3 to 7 years of the growth journey

Check Size

$500k–$1.25m Seed checks
$100K Pre-Seed checks


Investing across India and APAC

Your startup Journey with us...

0 st Day

Express your interest

0 th Day

By now, you would have heard from us

0 th Day

We develop trust and get deeper understanding of the idea

0 th Day

Due diligence completed and ready to partner in your startup

& Beyond

Build solid foundation and find investments for next stage of growth

Why Startups partner with us


We are uniquely equipped to bring together hundreds of early stage investors across the globe. We provide early investments when you are ready. We also help you raise more capital later stages on better terms.

Match Partners

We invest in talented and ambitious individuals who can be your co-founders, be part of your leadership team or even drive growth for a specific vertical of your business.


We invite you to work in our offices and provide all the necessary infrastructure support needed for you to execute efficiently.


Successful corporate citizens with more than 20 years of experience and who have managed large businesses. They will work with you to grow the business, and advise on product, customers and investment.

Strategy Validation

We co-create your financial models, marketing plans and validate the product market fit. We prepare you to shine before the investment community.

Execution Support

You will have access to our partner network of experts - accounting services, legal function, public relations and technology outsourcing partners.

Sounds interesting?

how our partners allocate time

Creating Opportunities
Fundraising & negotiating
Matching Talent
Business Plan Execution
Performance Management

"Our goal is to unlock capital for ideas to bloom and to create sustainable avenues for exponential returns for investors"

Our Startup Portfolio

Driving growth and innovation by backing passionate entrepreneurs

What are you waiting for?

Pitch Deck Guidelines

Description of customer pain and how the company solves it – concept & key elements

What the company does, for whom and why it’s compelling

Founders,  key team members, and key advisors, with industry backgrounds and expertise

Market size, growth characteristics, segmentation

Competitors and competitive feature sets, plus your sustainable competitive advantages

How the company will sell its product, in detail, including roughly how much it will cost to build that sales engine

Product development, customer acquisition, partner relationships

What can go wrong and how the company plans to manage it

How much time and money it will take to get to cash flow break-even and five year projections. Show worst and best case scenarios.

Categories of likely buyers, rationales, list of specific likely buyers and comparable with valuation multiples

How much, what the company will use it for, what milestones it expects to hit

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